@actuallygrimes: feelin’ deluxe! The look is a psychedelic high rolling Olympian gambler from France. my friend @hanatruly always says deluxe so I’m integrating it into my vocabulary as a substitute for awesome which I hate saying but somehow always say anyway

Morrissey’s a great lyricist, but there’s a tone in his voice I find unlistenable. That kind of lugubrious tone. There’s the same tone in my voice, actually, and I find it equally unlistenable.

— Nick Cave (via fuckyeahmoz)
  • Morrissey: Please don’t have me say anything unpleasant about Coldplay and Radiohead. There’s no point to it, it just looks silly and mean. They’re perfectly good bands, they’re just not to my taste.
  • Interviewer: You called them Oldplay and Radiodead.
Dog Love w/ Albert Hammond Jr. & Agyness Deyn
Why did you choose Blue as her name?
It really stemmed from “Baby Blue” and the line “I’ll paint the sky blue, baby blue” and I don’t know, it just always felt right, man. It’s just my favourite colour it’s just the tone of everything I felt at the time.#king krule
Ana & the wolf 

Devendra and Ana make me happy.